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Tripps Plus members love to travel. Here are some top travel tips for Canada. Parliament Hill in Ottawa stands above the Ottawa River and is dignified by the Neo-Gothic Parliament structures built in the second part of the late 19th century. The most notable landmark on the hill is its Peace Tower, which separates the House of Commons and the Senate on each side. At the front of the Parliament building is the Centennial Flame, ignited in 1966 to mark the centennial celebrations of the Canadian Confederation. The Canadian Confederation, and beyond the building, is the sculpture garden. In summer, when it’s summer, it is the time when the Changing of the Guard happens on the lawn in front of the House of Parliament in the event of rain. A beautiful walk is available along the Ottawa River beneath Parliament Hill.

Tripps Plus Top Tourist Attractions in Canada

St. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site

In the middle of St. John’s harbor, which overlooks the sea and the city, is Signal Hill National Historic Site. In 1901, the first transatlantic wireless signal was received here. It also played a crucial role during the Seven Years’ War with France, and the present fortifications were constructed during the conflict in 1812. The tower is home to exhibits on the floor of Signal Hill and the past of communication (emphasizing Marconi). The tower offers breathtaking perspectives of the city and the coastline to Cape Spear from the peak, which is the most easterly spot in North America.

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Old Montreal

Lined with gorgeous old buildings, Old Montreal is an ideal destination for shopping and dining. While Montreal is a thriving contemporary city, Old Montreal, with its proximity to the water’s edge, is where you’ll want to take in the vibe. Tripps Plus if you’re making your first visit to Montreal, a Guided Walking Tour through Old Montreal is an incredible way to walk through the narrow lanes and cobblestone streets while learning about the history.

Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

Tripps Plus explains one of Canada’s best-known tourist attractions could be the migration of polar bears, which will see these majestic animals travel from the landscape to the ice of Hudson Bay, close to the city of Churchill in Northern Manitoba. The small town opens to visitors each year in the autumn. Tours are offered to visitors in tundra buggies with closed windows to have a close experience with polar bears. The best viewing times are between October and November when the bears wait for the water to cool before moving out onto the ice.

Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

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Vancouver Island

Even though it is less than two hours of ferry travel to the main island, Vancouver Island appears far away. Most people visit Victoria, the capital city of BC, for culture and sightseeing. But if you venture to the north and explore the wilderness and remote landscapes, Vancouver Island offers many unforgettable and unimaginable experiences. Vancouver Island is located in the northeastern region of the Pacific Ocean and is part of British Columbia. It is 456 kilometers (283 miles) in length and is 100 km (62 miles) in width when it is at its broadest point, and it has a total area of 32,134 km. It is the most oversized island in terms of size and has the largest population along the western coasts of the Americas.

Vancouver Island


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